Which Golf Cap?

Friday, February 4th, 2011 8:39 AM

Which Corporate Golf Cap?

6501 Golfer's Marker Cap

If your corporate golf day is just around the corner and you still haven’t decided on what to give away to your participants, then this article just might be the answer you are looking for. Why not give a cap to each golfer, unlike golf balls that may be lost, or wooden golf tees that will be broken, your logo is always on the front of the cap for many rounds of golf.

In our range we have the traditional 6500 Golfer’s Chino Cap available with your corporate logo embroidered to the front of the cap with one size fits all and a good quality strap this is always a popular choice.
Also available is the 6503 Golfer’s Polynosic Cap which is shower proof to keep you well protected on rainy and sunny days alike. With a brass buckle fastener and a good choice of colours, this is ideal for the more discerning golfer!

Very popular in 2010 was the 6501 Golfer’s Marker Cap which in addition to the embroidered corporate logo to the front of the cap, offers an extra option of a logo metal marker affixed to the magnetized peak of the cap. This is a quality promotional gift at an affordable cost.

If you have a slightly larger budget then you may want to choose a famous brand name cap like Nike, Titleist or Callaway Golf. Some corporate customers do like their logo/brand being associated with one of the aforementioned famous golf brands.

Other companies do not want a dual branded cap and will not share their product with the manufacturer’s logo; it is a matter of preference. These high quality branded caps are known not only for their style, but also for their comfort and value for money.
The 6508 Titleist Golf Cap is always popular among golfers and offer the corporate embroidery to the side of the cap and not on the front as this is where the Titleist logo adorns the cap.

Although Titleist do offer the additional option on their 6509 Titleist Marker Cap, having a metal marker on the magnetic peak with the marker personalized with your corporate logo.

The 6512 Callaway Corporate Cap is another quality product with the option to have the Callaway logo to the front of the cap and the corporate logo embroidered on the side of the cap or the Callaway logo to the side of the cap and the corporate logo embroidered on to the front of the cap. Either way will look just great – the choice is yours.

Last but not least the 9510 Nike Tech Blank Golf Cap is always popular with many colours to choose from. When you think about sports, you will definitely think about Nike. The Nike swoosh has been a global industry sign for years now and your valued customers will surely appreciate it. The additional benefit on the Nike caps is that the swoosh is small and on the left corner of the peak leaving you to adorn the cap with your logo on either the front, side left, side right or all three!

There is a great choice of caps available in a large range of colours and styles, surely one will fit your corporate requirements and budget.

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