When is The Corporate Golf Season?

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013 7:20 AM
I have recently arrived back from two very busy trade shows : the Trade Only National Show, and the Sourcing City Live Show – both were a fantastic success for Tomlinson Golf. The shows were great fun and as always it was a pleasure to meet all of our valued customers and our exciting new prospects. Let’s hope that, working together, we both enjoy a prosperous 2013.
A question that I am often asked is : “At what time of year should I start to sell Corporate Golf Products to my customers?”
UK Golf Season
The corporate golf day season in the UK usually starts at the end of April and ends with the last golf day being completed around mid October.
Obviously the weather determines when the golf season starts and finishes with the golf courses being too wet and the weather too unreliable to arrange golf days in the winter months.
School holidays also play a role in determining the date of a golf day with the last two weeks in July and the first three weeks in August usually being avoided as potential dates for a golf event. This is to try and avoid a potential clash with family holidays, which would in turn mean a poorly attended golf event.
Selling In
The ‘selling in’ period for corporate golf days should start around two to four months prior to the golf day. So if the golf day is in May then you should be furnishing your customer with a plain end-user golf brochure or an online flip page brochure and directing them to the end user web site by late February. This should leave plenty of time to discuss product selections and budgets.
One Stop Shop
As gift distributors you have all been asked many times by customers “can you get me some golf tees with my company name on” or “can you source for me some golf towels for my golf day”.
You then start to visualise problems : “I will order the tees from Company A, but then do I get the towels from Company B? I will have to deal with all of those approval sheets and print colours etc, what a pain, four small invoices from four different suppliers – more paperwork”
“It is a complicated business, maybe I will not bother, I don’t understand golf anyway!”
But you should bother and as a business model it is easier and safer to have a greater number of smaller revenue streams.
Use Tomlinson Golf as a specialist corporate golf merchandise company as a “One Stop Shop” – order all of the products at one time and send the logo only once – it is easier.
If you get stuck don’t worry, I have organised over seven hundred golf days and been a PGA Golf Professional for many years, so I can help you, just e-mail me at mark@tomlinsongolf.com
Selling Tools
As a gift distributor you have thousands of products that you could possibly sell to a golf day organiser but having very presentable and easy to use selling tools as below will undoubtedly clinch the sales.
*Personalised Golf Website : Click Here
*Personalised E-mail Flyers : Click Here 
Useful Links
Trade Website : www.tomlinsongolf.com
Plain End User Websites : Click Here
The personalised end user websites are available with GBP Prices, No Prices and with Euro Prices – Just click the above link for the details.
Hope this helps you, but if you need more assistance just ask.
Hope this helps you, but if you need more assistance just ask.
Best Regards
Mark Tomlinson

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