Which Goody Bag?

Monday, January 31st, 2011 1:29 PM

Which Corporate Goody Bag?

6001 Goody BagIt is always a challenge to find the perfect gift, within your budget, for your valued golfing customers on your corporate golf day.

Goody Bags or Valuables Pouches as they are sometimes known are a valuable and cost effective way to promote your corporate brand.

Below we summarise each goody bag to help you choose your perfect corporate golf day gift.

Berwick Goody Bag
This is a good quality, heavyweight, traditional golfer’s bag with your corporate logo embroidered on to it. The drawstring top makes it easier to carry the 220mm x 220mm bag. This black goody bag has always been a best seller and popular choice.

Stirling Goody Bag
This 220mm x 195mm low budget goody bag offers a large print area of 100mm x 100mm, for companies with a more elaborate logo. The golfer nylon goody bag comes in three colours: black, dark green and navy blue, all having a drawstring top and also comes with a clip for attachment to the golf bag. Great value for money and popular for companies with a lower budget to spend.

Hawick Goody Bag
This is one of the most popular bags because it is big enough to accommodate other giveaways and is transparent and modern looking. This bag cannot be printed or embroidered but you can view your corporate logo through the transparent material anyway!. Great bag for you to “pick and mix” the contents depending upon your budget.

Callaway Valuables Pouch
This is one of their luxury valuables pouches from one of the world’s leading golfing brands. High quality and luxury brand make this an ideal choice for the associated dual brand option with Callaway Golf.

Titleist Valuables Pouch
This luxury, fully fleece lined pouch is can carry a lot of other golf giveaways with its 175mm x 50mm x 165mm dimensions.  The internal storage can be zippered with a drawstring closure on the top, to keep all your items secured. Associate your corporate logo with one of the biggest names in golf.

Tech Wash Bag
Traveling can be difficult especially if you are not efficient enough in packing your toiletries. The internal compartment is large enough to accommodate all your wash accessories and you don’t even have to worry about placing it on the floor hen bathing because it has a shower hook installed for easy hanging. This bag is available in black/silver colour, and can be embroidered with your company’s logo. Available in small minimum quantities.

Callaway Golf Toiletry Bag
This is another Callaway quality giveaway to your customers and employees alike.
This black toiletry bag is the right size to accommodate all your toiletry needs when travelling.
Also it is available in small quantities even when embroidered with your corporate logo.

Nike Valuable Bags
The Nike Valuable Bag is big enough to store all your valuables in golfing. The main compartment is zippered, along with the pockets and holders for tees, balls and other accessories. A top quality item from Nike Golf.

FootJoy Shoe care Kit
This bag is ideal for all “smart” golfers who want clean shoes for their next round of golf! This Footjoy shoe clean kit comes with two brushes, a black and neutral shoe polishes and a cleaning cloth. Also great value and name association with Footjoy, the world’s leading golf shoe brand.

Pro Pouch Bag
This bag is composed of rigid and quality bags that come in four colours: Blue, Pink, Silver and Red.
The clam shaped valuables pouch is rigid and sturdy enough to hold valuables such as a designer sunglasses or your mobile phone. Nice modern look to a functional goody bag printed and domed to your corporate logo.

Flame Valuables Pouch
This is one of their high quality deluxe valuables pouches, which has a secure bag attachment and embroidered to your design. There are four colours that you can choose from: Black/Blue, Black/Pink, Black/Red and Black/Silver. Bright and easy to use this is always a best seller.

Nylon Zip Bag
The compact white nylon bag can be printed with your company logo and since the surface area is big enough (120mm x 190mm), any print can be easily accommodated. With a zipped to and clip for attachment to your golf bag this new design is sure to be a winner.

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