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Tuesday, May 7th, 2013 7:15 AM
Obviously the most popular product that we sell are golf balls, but wooden golf tees follow closely behind as the second best selling golf product in the corporate golf merchandise sector.
John is a regular customer of mine and last Tuesday he called me requesting a quotation on wooden golf tees. Naturally I asked “which length of golf tees do you require a quote on please? The 54mm or the 70mm long version?” Now John is a non golfer and he said “I do not have a clue what length of tee my customer requires so I will take a quote on both lengths please. Then he asked, but Mark, why are golf tees different lengths?”
Having then explained the reasons to John, it then occurred to me that this is a common question that I have been asked many time previously.
To share this information would probably be a great benefit to many of our customers so here goes….
A few simple bullet points to help :-
Simple Explanation on the Size of Golf Club Heads
Golfers are only allowed to tee the ball up on their first shot on each hole and from within the designated teeing area.
Traditionally golf club heads were much smaller than they are today.
Modern technology and new man made materials have enabled manufacturers to create larger golf club heads whilst maintaining the same overall weight and playing characteristics of the golf club.
A larger club head is more “forgiving” and therefore is easier to use and so enables golfers to play better.
Today, governed by golf’s ruling body (The Royal & Ancient Golf Club, St Andrews, Scotland) states that the limit on the size of a golf club head is to be a maximum of 70mm depth on the club face, a maximum of 125mm width. on the clubface and to have an overall maximum mass of 460 cubic centimeters.
With the modern materials, manufacturers are creating golf clubs with larger club heads that are easy to use and so enabling golfers to play better and enjoy the game more.
If they manufactured golf club heads of that size (460cc) made from the materials of yesteryear then I am unsure that we would ever be able to even lift the club up never mind swing it because it would be way too heavy to play golf with!
Teeing Up
When a golf ball is teed up for a driver shot the top edge of the driver should be at the very least level with the equator of the golf ball.
This means that the old 54mm wooden tee is just not long enough for some golfers playing with the new large headed drivers.
This is the reason that longer golf tees have become more and more popular in recent years.
I feel that the 70mm tee is long enough for 99% of golfers and many still prefer the 54mm tee anyway!
The different lengths of wooden golf tees are offered to cater for the differing sizes of the golfer’s drivers.
Note In 2012 the 70mm tees increased their market share over 54mm tees by 38%
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