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Wednesday, March 6th, 2013 7:23 AM
Having been a PGA Golf Professional for over twenty-seven years, I have lost count of the number of times that I have been asked by customers “Mark, what is the difference between say a Pinnacle Gold Golf Ball and a Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball? Why is one type of golf ball only around £8.00 per dozen whilst the other type of golf ball is over £30 per dozen?”
There are many technical claims by the manufacturers as to why their particular golf ball is better than the comparable one made by another manufacturer. For me to review and explain all of the different manufacturer’s respective claims would be too time consuming and boring for you to read in just one e-mail!!!
What you really need to know is the basic differences between a budget golf ball and a top of the range golf ball. Then when your customer asks you this question, then you may answer in a confident and knowledgeable manner.
Budget Golf Ball
Very durable – will not scuff, cut or mark easily and will so last longer.
This Golf Ball Spins Less.
Generally this ball is a Distance Golf Ball.
Budget Golf Balls have a Hard Cover and so “less feel” for the golfer.
Top of the Range Golf Ball
This Golf Ball Spins More.
Gives the better golfer more control of his shots around the greens.
Softer Cover on the ball allowing the better golfer to have a better feel of the spin on the shot and be able to manoeuvre his shots with spin when needed.
The better golfer can use his skills to control this type of golf ball.
Points of Note
(1) Unless the golfer plays golf to a good standard most golfers will probably not be able to feel the difference between the different types or qualities of golf balls.
(2) All manufacturers make a full range of comparable golf ball types e.g. Budget, Mid Range and Top of the Range Golf Balls.
(3) Mid Range golf balls combine most of the distance of the budget golf balls with a little bit more of the control of the top of the range golf balls.
Hope this helps you, but should you need more assistance please visit our Plain End User Website at where more technical information on golf balls is available to you.
Best Regards
Mark Tomlinson

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