Business Continuity Plan

Virtual Office
We hold no data in our offices, all information is “in the cloud” with the very best providers and is backed up automatically and remotely.

Our main system is xtuple software on which we maintain our stock levels, process quotes, process purchase orders, process sales orders, generate sales invoices and send statements etc. The software is hosted “in the cloud” at with the details below regarding back up which is also in the cloud.

As well as backup there is a database maintenance process that runs daily and deals with all of the required PostgreSQL maintenance tasks that ensure optimum performance these include processes such as  PostgreSQL vacuuming, re indexing, log file clearing etc. We monitor the systems to ensure that all of these processes have run successfully.

The virtual servers and the databases reside on a large HP 3PAR Storage Area Network that uses solid state disks providing absolute resilience and the highest possible performance.  HP 3PAR storage is a tier 1 model that is found in the world’s largest cloud data centres. 

We snapshot the Virtual Servers daily. The system is set to run the full Virtual Server snapshot at 1pm on Saturday and then incremental for the following 6 days. The system holds the daily snapshot backup for four weeks.

From a recovery standpoint we can recover the virtual server in total or down to file level going back up to four weeks.

Email Client
Our email client is again “in the cloud” – we have a Gmail corporate account, google offering the best back-up and recovery

We are a virtual office from a data perspective.
We work from three locations: Leyland, Bolton and Mumbai.
All electronic job bags and artwork are backed up in India, UK and USA.

We use contract printers and embroiderers and in case of disaster the production can be moved to another facility easily.

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