Allveron Ltd Ethical Policy
Below is our ethical trading policy at Allveron Ltd.

1. Child Labour: We do not employ/use sub-contractors who use workers under the age of 16, minimum lowered to 14 for countries operating under the ILO Convention 138 developing-country exception; remediation of any child found to be working.


2. Forced Labour: We do not employ/use sub-contractors who use forced labour, including prison or debt bondage labour; no lodging of deposits or identity papers by employers or outside recruiters.

3. Health and Safety: We provide a safe and healthy work environment; take steps to prevent injuries; regular health and safety worker training; system to detect threats to health and safety; access to bathrooms and potable water.

4. Freedom of Association and Right to Collective Bargaining: We respect the right to form and join trade unions and bargain collectively; where law prohibits these freedoms, facilitate parallel means of association and bargaining.

5. Discrimination: We do not employ/use sub-contractors who discriminate based on race, caste, origin, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, union or political affiliation, or age; no sexual harassment.

6. Discipline: We do not employ/use sub-contractors who use corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion or verbal abuse.

7. Working Hours: We employ/use sub-contractors who comply with the applicable law but, in any event, no more than 48 hours per week with at least one day off for every seven day period; voluntary overtime paid at a premium rate and not to exceed 12 hours per week on a regular basis; overtime may be mandatory if part of a collective bargaining agreement.


8. Compensation: We employ/use sub-contractors whose wages paid for a standard work week must meet the legal and industry standards and be sufficient to meet the basic need of workers and their families; no disciplinary deductions.

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