Allveron Ltd Environmental Policy
Below is our environmental trading policy for Allveron Ltd.

1. We endeavor to better manage and reduce the environmental impacts from the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT).


2. We promote sourcing or co-sharing with other companies (including options such as open source software)

3. We promote environmental considerations (for example, waste disposal, recycling programs)
For example, toner cartridge recycling, ex-government auction houses, data destruction processes, and waste management contractors.

4. We strive to reduce our use of energy and materials, streamline the means of transporting goods, reduce the impact of business travel, phase out hazardous materials, design eco-efficient and recyclable products, and enhance suppliers’ performance.

5. We promote environmental responsibility along the value chain by encouraging suppliers, sub-contractors and customers to adopt environmental standards

6. We market products and systems which are resource efficient and facilitate use of renewable energy sources

7. We continuously improve the management of health and safety, social, environmental and security risks in operations and projects and ways of improving sustainability performance in the supply chain.

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